Once Bekky ingeniously managed to fit all our small scenes (title sequence, walking scene, inside scene and dance scene) together we decided it was time for some feedback. So we called upon our media teacher, Mr Zaidi who gave some advice but seemed to be pleased overall.

His advice was two main pointers:

1) Add a bottle spinning the replace the black screen between the line ‘Do you want to play spin the bottle?’ and the dance scenes which come after. We warmed to this as the music has a ticking sound during the black screen period and we wanted to show time passing, therefore we took several shots of a bottle spinning and added to some the ‘Kaleidoscope’ effect. By overlaying these and slowing down the bottles spin, it made it seem as if the bottle was spun many, many times. Indicating that time had passed and therefore of course the party would be wilder.

*Insert GIF of bottle spinning*

2) Add a clip of the suitcase and the girl walking away at the very end, which is currently a handheld shot. We were happy to include this as we too felt the ending was a little unfinished. After discussing in detail it has been decided that Bekky will film this small clip (located at her own house) herself as we both agree on how it should look and she is capable of achieving this by herself. This also means we can receive the clip much sooner than arranging another date just for this and finish the sequence.

*Insert original end vs. new end*

Editing of the approach to the party

This was filmed on our second time round filming, we decided to film on both an iPhone and camera and in the end ended up using the iPhone footage. However whilst we were spoil for choice on visual footage, much of the audio was unfortunately ruined by the sounds of wind and rain. So this entailed us to match up the lines of the characters with the audio, which we found a challenge. Luckily we had peers on hand who we asked to see whether they could honestly notice the difference and thankfully they couldn’t. It looked naturally as if part of the original audio for that clip. Due to this and to make the sequence flow better we also overlapped audios so that there was no stopping and starting of background sound and for those which no clips matched up to, we added more interesting shos such as feet walking.

This is not where the sound editing ended! We then added a rain sound effect to the clips as some audio featured it whilst other didnt, so we thought if we added the effect it would be continuos, and once adjusting level it fitted comfortably. We also added the party background music (actually off our chosen track Animals, although from a different part of the song) as our characters neared the house as we wanted it to be clear where they were heading and how this wild party could be heard down the street. This involved muffling and slowly turning up the volume of the song as they neared the house.

There was one clip in particular that caused hassle with colouring as it was the one clip fetched from our camera which picked up much less colour than the iPhone, meaning that from one cut to the next it got significantly duller. Therefore we had to match it endlessly and adjust levels to match it to the scene. This once again taught us some valuable skills into how to adjust footage on a much more accurate scale than just an effect over the top.

*Picture of panel and clip to come*

My favourite clip was when the characters answer the door and are stood waiting as the light of the house, which was unintentionally brilliant, illuminated their faces and a clear idea of how our characters looked.

*Insert still of favourite clip*


Editing of Dance Scenes

We started by editing the dance scenes as we decided this would take the longest and since we waned it to be the focus of the opening sequence it must be effective and therefore by editing first gave us chance to refilm any unsatisfactory parts.

Firstly we decided to cut up using the blade tool in Final Cut Pro our footage so that it became random flashes between party scenes and a fixed scene of dancing in the hallway. This took longer than expected as sometimes we were working at 1/3′s of a second so every time we made just one cut which took a few minutes, we barely advanced on the timescale. However this was key to the chaotic yet to the beat scene we wanted to achieve.

Next we applied several matches of colour to get all the clips to a similar standard in colour, this was to avoid any out of place looking clips due to lighting etc. Its important to remember that although the clips were shown very quickly, we could not simply skip colouring as it would much much less pleasing to the eye. We then darkened the clips using the pre mentioned effect of ‘Day into Night’, this made it seem as if it was a lot later than when we actually filmed (2pmish) and therefore more like a party you would expect in the evening.

Now came the ordering of the clips. We decided to not only build intensity by picking part of the song, Animals which the beat builds up faster and faster, but also by making the clip get wilder and wilder throughout the song, i.e going from people talking and drinking, to being sick or sneaking off to bedrooms. Matching to the beat took a lot of patience as we were constantly readjusting the length of clips to match.

*picture to come*



Title Sequence: Part 2 (Editing)

I have decided to break down the editing so that it is clear what exactly and how much has been edited out of our title sequence:

The titles: Of course with the title sequence, came the titles. We decided on a modern yet formal font named MS Gothic as its narrow spacing and tall letters made the sequence look professional as its not dissimilar to some modern movies titles now. We placed the titles around the items being put into the suitcase like originally planned. We also added a fade in and out for each title as it makes the viewing more appealing as the titles don’t suddenly just disappear but fade nicely in and out. The names themselves were constructed out of partial anagrams of mine and Bekkys full names as we felt it would look silly and unprofessional to repeat our names over and over.

 Colouring: It was decided that we would not mess with the colouring as we were happy with how the warm tones looked and thought it would help distinguish how the title sequence is separate from the rest of the opening sequence as these featured bluey-purple tones. However a few scenes had to be matched and darkened as it was a little overexposed from the flash.

Sound: This was perhaps the most technical area of our title sequence as we had to build layers of sound to make it sound as if there was a party just next door. This took two layers: the party sounds and the opening song, Spanish Sahara. The party sounds we grabbed from our dance scenes we had filmed and found some general noise such as wooing and laughing. We then turned down the volume and applied a muffle to it, so that it would sound as if it was in the room next door. For music we applied a muffle for the first 11 seconds so it would sound as if the music was that playing at the party and then took off the muffle and turned up the volume so there was a clear differentiation for the title sequence i.e the packing of the suitcase.

The case of red-eye: Originally we thought we may have to refilm this but due to the inconvenience as our actress lives far away we decided to research into what could be done. In the end it was settled by adding a circular black eclipse with a transparent background as on overlay which we then fitted to the pupil and used frame by frame tracking to make sure it fitted the movement of the eye. On a whole it is hard to tell it was edited at all , especially due to its short duration on screen, but had the red eye remained it would have been exceedingly obvious and sloppy.

(Once again a huge thanks to Bekky for these pictures of the red-eye before and after)

(Once again a huge thanks to Bekky for these pictures of the red-eye before and after)

The Title Sequence: Part 1 (Footage)

As we get to grips with Final Cut Pro X, we have been editing our title sequence and it is now completed. Here is a break down of what happened from start to finish:

The Location: From the beginning it had been decided that filming of the title sequence would take place in my bedroom as it had plain and simple white walls and good lighting that could make great yellow and red tones for the scene. It is important that we filmed in the right place as we really wanted to stress to the viewer how although the girl may be packing, it is clearly a deliberate and pre-planned event as this would tie in with the subject of the rest of the film. (Finding out where she has gone and why.)

Before Filming: On our first date of filming at Bekkys house for party scenes, it was not possible to get our main actress to my house to film, therefore we had too wait till our second filming. This was an inconvenience which was actually a god sent, as upon viewing the party footage we could see what kind of colours were used to match and make the whole sequence flow. Our actress was kindly instructed to wear the same clothes as before to show continuity. I filmed the title sequence by myself as we felt due to the upheaval it would cause Bekky to get to my house and also on the basis that we had discussed, sketched and shared our exact thoughts and ideas on the sequence over and over, it would be the most sensible way forward.

The Filming: Conscious that I wanted to film a wide range of shots to compare with Bekky and due to the limitations we felt we had with our dance footage, we spent over an hour and a half filming our 30 second title sequence. I noticed that a few clips were too dark so flashed was used, as we learnt from previous experience that it was easier to darken a clip than lighten it and maintain quality. It was all filmed on a iPhone which presents difficulties in itself as it is very unstable and lack complexity.

Reviewing: Thankfully Bekky was pleased with the footage, however we noticed a huge flaw. Our actress had red eyes on the first clip to be shown on the film due to the flash of the iPhone. This will mean learning new technical skills to overcome this.



(All credits go to Bekky for this picture of some unedited title sequence footage)

Final Music Choices

During our piece we have chosen two music choices to be featured. We are using an original favourite from the previous music research which was Animals by martin Garrix. We chose this so that the music has a beat to run under the party scenes but also lots of build ups and ‘drops’ to fit scenes to the music. Such as when the beat intensifies and quickens, the party scenes just get wilder and wilder. Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 23.18.17

    (Click to be directed to a youtube video of the song)

Our second piece of music (featured first in the sequence but took longer to decide on) is Spanish Sahara by Foals. We feel this has a good atmospheric vibe as it is a song with a huge build up, which we edited to adjust our time scale, yet maintains a relaxed and clear direction. This represents perfectly our characters feelings as she packs her bag because there is the anticipation of where she is going however the packing itself is organised and neat. The song also ‘could’ be a party song and therefore plays at the beginning as we introduce the Film4 title and the original black screen with underlying party sounds.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 23.20.47

Overall I am extremely happy with the choices of music as not only do they fit with our media piece but also they are enjoyable to me and Bekky to listen too and are rather current which helps date the film to a particular day and age i.e modern life.


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